Product Application Stories

Trend E-Mobility – Leak Testing Battery Cells

The introduction of electrically driven cars is one of the top trends currently being discussed within the automotive industry. When introducing such a new technology, it is very important to achieve a sufficient lifetime and performance of the battery to establish a positive experience for early adopters and ultimately a positive image of the technology. In this article, you will learn what is needed to efficiently and reliably test drive battery cells for leaks as part of the quality control process. More »

Product Application Stories

Common Errors in Leak Testing Automotive Parts

In our e-book Leak Testing in the Automotive Industry, the top 10 most common errors made by vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers when testing for leaks is discussed. These errors can result in tests that will yield some results, but will not provide the information you need to determine if a part is leaking, or not. More »

Production Application Stories

Leak Testing of Fuel Rails

The need for lower fuel consumption drives the need for high pressure fuel injection. Preventing fuel leaks is mandatory to achieve low fuel consumption and to securely prevent fires in the engine compartment. Read how to reliably and efficiently test fuel rails in modern production. More »

Company News

Seminar on Automated Leak Testing Systems

Targeted at our leak testing system integrators, INFICON will offer an Automated Leak Testing seminar on March 14-15, 2017. More »