Product News

Now taking orders for the new LDS3000 AQ Accumulation Leak Detector!

The new LDS3000AQ is now ready for sale. Learn how quickly you can detect fluid leaks with our newest accumulation leak detector and how easy it is to setup a system with the LDS3000AQ. More »

Application News

Leak Testing of High Pressure Fuel Pumps

The need for lower fuel consumption drives the need for high pressure fuel injection. Fuel pump leaks can negatively influence fuel consumption, result in lack of engine power and could cause a fire in the engine compartment. To prevent leakage, fuel pumps need to be tested for leaks during component production at supplier level. Learn how modern high pressure fuel pumps can be tested for leaks reliably and with high efficiency. More »

Company News

INFICON in the News

Testing EV Batteries, Interview at ATE with NewCarNews.TV, LDS3000 AQ on YouTube. More »