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Application News

New Whitepaper “Robotic Leak Testing”

The robotics market is continuously expanding into new applications. Also more and more leak testing applications are carried out with robotic support. The new whitepaper explains in detail what to consider when planning the implementation of robotic leak testing in your leak testing process. More »

Application News

How to Properly Calibrate your Leak Testing Process!

Manufacturing personnel responsible for quality have the daily task to verify a leak test system’s operation and possess the capacity to fail a leaky part by using some type of a reference leak. The following tips will help you to properly use calibrated leaks to verify the proper status of your leak testing setup. More »

Video Station

New Video on the Importance of High Flow in Sniffing

See why only high flow sniffers can cope with the challenging requirements of today's leak detection and catch 100% of the leaks! More »

Application News

Whitepaper “Leak Testing Electric Cars and Their Components” Now Available in Japanese and Korean

INFICON has released the whitepaper explaining all the leak testing steps required in the production of batteries and electric and hybrid vehicles in Japanese and Korean languages. The Whitepaper is available for download free of charge. More »