Whitepaper “Leak Testing Electric Cars and Their Components” Now Available in Japanese and Korean

INFICON has released the whitepaper explaining all the leak testing steps required in the production of batteries and electric and hybrid vehicles in Japanese and Korean languages. The Whitepaper is available for download free of charge at

The market for electric vehicles is growing very rapidly. To generate a positive reputation of this technology – besides long drive ranges and short charging times – it will be critical to produce high quality and extremely reliable drive train technology. One step to achieving this high quality is to perform sufficient leak testing throughout the entire production process – from battery cell manufacturing to final electric car assembly.

The new whitepaper summarizes the requirements for leak testing, suitable leak testing processes and methods, and how to make choices between different offerings. It also points out the various pitfalls to avoid when leak testing electric and hybrid vehicles on the production line.

In case you missed it, get your free English copy today!