BMW China Plant Using INFICON Leak Detectors

The new BMW engine production plant in Shenyang, China is the first in BMW's history to be built outside of Europe. The BMW engine has a remarkable reputation around the world for performance and reliability. So, when BMW was looking for suppliers for their new location, INFICON was chosen for its leadership in the area of leak detection. "At the present time, the new engine production plant is using our leak detectors, and other vehicle service centers are also using INFICON products. BMW is quickly growing in the Chinese market, and we look forward to further expanding our collaboration," says Zhao Feifan, sales manager for INFICON China.

An engine's design is complicated and there are many leak detection points. Additionally, the time needed to leak test the engine has to be kept as short as possible. BMW challenged INFCION to provide a reliable leak detection machine to do the job. Due to its ease of operation and low costs, the INFICON Sensistor ISH2000C fully met the technical challenges and it has become the perfect instrument for BMW.

Ensuring Quality

The best example regarding the criticality of leaks is presented by an engine's cooling system. When an engine is running, the temperature rises very quickly. If the heat cannot be dissipated in a timely manner, decreased performance or possibly even engine failure can result. The INFICON ISH2000C leak detector can be effectively used on the complicated water cooling system. This not only ensures quality, but prevents the risk of deteriorating engine performance and excessive fuel consumption.

"BMW is investing more money in Shenyang, increasing productivity, and expanding the product chain. INFICON products are already being used worldwide in BMW factories. In China, our objective is to ensure a good core quality. We will actively support BMW, from its engines and throughout the vehicle," says Feifan.

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