Product News

New LDS3000 AQ Offers Efficient Leak Testing Solution to Reliably Find Fluid Leaks

The new LDS3000 AQ is the first leak detector to use forming gas in a simple accumulation chamber to find fluid leaks fast and reliably. More »

Application News

7 Tips to Cope with Increasing Leak Testing Requirements in Automotive Production

Leak tightness requirements in the automotive industry are continuously rising as suppliers and automobile manufacturers put more effort into quality assurance. The following tips will help automobile manufacturers and suppliers to better meet increased leak testing requirements. More »

Application News

Leak Testing of Mobile Air Conditioning Hoses

More and more, IHX air conditioner hoses (with a built-in heat exchanger) are used in addition, to standard AC hoses. Most air conditioning components are currently tested for leak rates in the order of 10-4 to 10-5 mbar∙l/s, but leak rate requirements may become more stringent with the ongoing introduction of R1234yf. Learn how to efficiently leak test mobile air conditioner hoses. More »