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5 Good Reasons to Check for Leaks in Battery Manufacturing

The importance of electromobility is increasing steadily worldwide. With the increased production of Electric Vehicles (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), the number of batteries required is also growing rapidly. More »

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How to Choose Between Different High Flow Leak Detectors for Robotic Sniffing

Robotic leak testing is typically used in automated sniffer leak detection setups. In the last release of our AUTO TEST newsletter we explained why the use of high flow is important in robotic leak testing. Today, we will show you the differences between different high flow offerings for tracer gas testing. More »

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4 Tips How to Control Your Helium Background

Leak testing is a very important process for part quality control. If you invest in the equipment and the time for leak testing, you should also strive for the highest reliability in your leak testing results. More »

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Come See Us at an Event Near You

See INFICON leak detectors first hand at an event near you. More »