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Seminar “Leak Testing in the Automotive Industry”

A seminar on “Leak Testing in the Automotive iIndustry” is offered by the ISGATEC Academy in Germany. The seminar is led by leak testing expert Mr. Jochen Puchalla, Application Engineer at INFICON GmbH. 
The seminar is intended to explain the fundamentals of leak testing, present use case scenarios from the automotive industry, and will help you to avoid the many potential pitfalls in selection, installation and operation of the optimum leak testing method  for your particular application. It will also teach you how to select the ideal test station or unit for your needs. The seminar is aimed at those in the field of quality management, production planning and manufacturing, sales, and construction at vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.

The seminar will take place in Mannheim on March 21, 2017 in German and on March 22, 2017 in English language.

Please check out the detailed seminar information and reserve your seat  today with ISGATEC.

Seminar on Automated Leak Testing Systems

Targeted at our leak testing system integrators, INFICON will offer an Automated Leak Testing Seminar on March 14-15, 2017. The seminar will take place in our Cologne factory and will cover all aspects of automated leak testing system design, from vacuum leak testing systems to accumulation systems, as well as robotic sniffing systems. The seminar will also discuss various state-of-the -art control protocols.

A limited number of seats are still available, so check out our flyer and quickly book your seat via e-mail:

INFICON at Control

INFICON will be exhibiting at this year’s CONTROL from May 9 – 12, 2017. Come to see how we can offer solutions for all your leak testing needs. Our portfolio of products include leak detectors for fully automated testing systems including integration into your data network, but also stand-alone units for more manual leak testing as well as robotic leak testing solutions. We can offer you testing of complete components that tell you about the overall integrity of your part, or leak testing that enables you to detect the exact location of the leak. Our leak testing products are well suited for your 100% inline testing needs as well as for trouble shooting in your rework loop.

INFICON is your one stop for leak testing solutions! Come by our booth # 4316 and talk to our experts about your leak testing needs.