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Product News

New Strix™ Hydrogen Sensor Improves Detection of Small Leaks

A new gas sensor and hand probe for the Sentrac hydrogen leak detectors now makes finding small leaks significantly easier. More »

Product Application Story

Testing the Testers – Reducing Downtime on the Production Line

Products designed to be leak-proof need testing during or after manufacture to ensure tightness. However, the test equipment used to check for leaks, with pressure difference or tracer gas, also needs to be free from leaks. Read this article to find out how to reliably locate leaks on your test equipment. More »

Video Station

New Videos: Bombing Leak Detection and ELT3000 Operation

In our series of animations from INFICON about the different leak detection methods, the fifth video explains Bombing Leak Detection. Also a playlist of videos showing the operation of the ELT3000 is now online. More »