New, Easy Ways to See How INFICON Leak Detectors “Cover the Car”

Our new six-page brochure and presentation highlights the many parts that can be reliably leak tested using INFICON leak detectors. From the largest drive train to the smallest air bag igniter, INFICON leak detectors provide dependable, accurate measurements during component testing in assembly lines worldwide. As the product makes its way to final test, INFICON helium and hydrogen leak detectors not only discover the leak, but also where the leak is. Knowing the exact spot of the leak saves manufacturers valuable time and money in getting their product to rework and ultimately through re-inspection and out to customers. Whether manufacturing or assembly operations use bombing, vacuum or sniffing methods, INFICON has a leak detector that will fit their exact needs.

In addition to quality and production leak detectors, INFICON also provides aftermarket handheld leak detectors for service technologies. The company's complete line of industrial and aftermarket leak detectors gives INFICON a unique opportunity to provide leak detection solutions from complete product lifecycles.


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