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Product News

NEW - ELT3000: Leak Test Specifically for Lithium-ion Battery Cells

The new INFICON ELT3000 for integrity testing of lithium-ion batteries identifies leaks in hard case cells (prismatic, round, coin) by directly detecting electrolyte solvent leaking from battery cells. More »

Application News

Leak Testing of Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates

Bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks need to be tested for different leakage scenarios. Read which scenarios need to be covered and how to achieve an efficient leak test for these. More »

Company News

Webinar @ INFICON

INFICON will offer two new webinars on automotive leak testing this fall. More »

Video Station

New Video: Spraying Leak Detection

In our series of animations from INFICON about the different leak detection methods, the fourth video explains Spraying Leak Detection and how and when it should be used. More »