April 2017

3rd FabGuard User Group Meeting »

FabGuard Product Development and Deployment Changes »

The View from 30,000 FOMs »

Using Event Hierarchy for Collecting Secondaries »

Database Changes for Increased Performance »


3rd FabGuard User Group Meeting

May 16 – 18, 2017 • San Antonio, TX, USA. More »

New Features

FabGuard Product Development and Deployment Changes

The FabGuard Product Team is introducing a new software development and deployment process. The new process is designed to ensure long term stability of releases while maintaining the short cycle times needed for rapid prototype and development. More »

New Features

The View from 30,000 FOMs

Semiconductor fabs are complicated and as a result FabGuard IPMs generate a lot of data. Much of it is available in Executive and can be displayed in FabGuard Web. What each of us wants to see is exactly the data that is meaningful to us and that we need to act on. More »

From the Field

Using Event Hierarchy for Collecting Secondaries

In FabGuard versions 8.5.4-l and higher, the method “using an Event Hierarchy (CEID)” was added to enhance parsing for variable length lists. This new feature was specifically created to help parse items from events with a complex structure, i.e. multiple lists, embedded variable lists, etc. More »


Database Changes for Increased Performance

For FabGuard versions 8.5.7 and higher, three changes were made to the database schema that significantly reduce the complexity of queries. As a result, database queries run more efficiently and return results in about 50% less time. More »

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