Company News

Announcing the 2020 FabGuard User Group Meeting

Plans for the 2020 FabGuard User Group Meeting are underway for May 4-7, 2020 in Austin Texas. More »

Success Stories

FabGuard Deployment of Analysis Server Fab-Wide

Factory wide deployment of FabGuard Analysis Server is achieved with 100% FDC coverage ahead of schedule. More »

New Features

Tool Operator Interface Expansion

TOI is a FabGuard module that implements factory automation, allowing for a central and consistent UI to start the processing of a lot on every tool. More »


Simplify Trigger Deployment Using Aliasing and Placeholders in I/O

Using aliases in I/O triggers makes deployment and standardization of I/O even easier. More »

FabGuard is a product line of INFICON's Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) product group. The IMS team uses software and engineering expertise to address the most critical manufacturing needs facing today's complex manufacturing environments. These solutions are designed to identify manufacturing losses and address them through visualization, automated intelligent decision support, and improved efficiency.