New Product

Visualize, Monitor, and Control Facility Equipment

Use the new Facility HMI and Control product to visualize, monitor, and control your pumps and abatement systems. More »

Research and Development

Anomaly Detection Continues to Evolve with Topological and State Space Techniques

Learn about probabilistic limit generation and latent state space modeling techniques from our Data Scientist, James Bramante. More »

Success Story

SmartFDC Detects Anomalies in Chamber MFC Interaction and Backside He Flow

See how SmartFDC is being used for run-by-run monitoring and root cause investigations. More »

FabGuard is a product line of INFICON's Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) product group. The IMS team uses software and engineering expertise to address the most critical manufacturing needs facing today's complex manufacturing environments. These solutions are designed to identify manufacturing losses and address them through visualization, automated intelligent decision support, and improved efficiency.