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April 2016

Leak Testing Domestic Water Purifiers »

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Tricky Leaks »

Product Application Story

Leak Testing Domestic Water Purifiers

Domestic water purifiers cannot be both reliable and cost-effectively tested for leaks using conventional methods such as water bath or soaping. The presence of large leaks, overqualified water purifiers and increased capital costs are just a few of the inconveniences that can be avoided by changing to leak detection with tracer gas. More »

Company News

See INFICON Leak Detectors at upcoming exhibitions

Do you need better performance than water bath, soap spray and pressure decay can offer? Take the opportunity to learn more about the future of leak detection with tracer gas at upcoming exhibitions! More »

Company News

Worldwide Support and Expertise Near You

INFICON is committed to worldwide customer support to ensure you have access to sales, installation, training, application support and repair services. More »

Tips & Tricks

Tricky Leaks

Different types of leaks behave differently. This can make leak detection tricky, unless you understand the reasons for what you experience. The geometry of the leak, the pressure, material, humidity, temperature and flow are all factors that influence the behavior of a leak. In the last issue of LEAK TEST, we focused on the weather dependent and on the disappearing refrigerant leak. In this issue we will look at three more examples of tricky leaks. More »