Company News

New Edition of the American Nondestructive Testing Handbook with a Little Help from INFICON

A study on hydrogen for leak testing is included in the latest edition of the American Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Leak Testing Volume. Engineers from the pioneers of hydrogen leak testing at INFICON contributed. More »

Application News

The Importance of High Flow in Robotic Leak Testing

Robotic sniffer leak testing eliminates the impact of a human operator, but it is essential to carefully select the leak detector based on the performance data required for the specific application. Read how the sniffer flow rate, the distance from the part and the scan speed with which the robot moves impacts the testing results. More »

Application News

Gas - An Efficient and Easy-to-Use Source of Energy

Energy gases are efficient and easy-to-use fuels which are becoming increasingly important since biogas entered the market. Gas gives low emissions during combustion and in the long run we can look forward to completely emissions-free combustion with hydrogen as a fuel. However, in order to use gases in the most efficient way, a major focus must be put on safety. More »

Product News

New Video - Easy and Fast Ethane Identification with IRwin® Methane Leak Detector now with Built-in Gas Chromatograph

Differentiation between natural gas and swamp gas can be cumbersome and the results sometimes difficult to interpret. Advances in technology by INFICON improve the situation for the operator by making gas differentiation so much easier. A new video shows the advantages of the IRwin Methane Leak Detector with built-in gas chromatograph. More »