Product Application Story

Faster Safety Inspection of Natural Gas Pipes

Bar hole drilling has been reduced by half at Gasn├Ątet Stockholm, since the utility started using the INFICON IRwin┬« infrared gas detector last year. More »

Application News

Ingress Protection Class IP67

Many housings for electrical components like sensor enclosures as well as battery cases for lithium ion drive battery packs are specified as ingress protection class IP67. INFICON has now completed experimental testing to define helium leak rate equivalents for this specification. More »

Tips & Tricks

5 Tips for Robotic Leak Testing

In many manufacturing processes robotic sniffer leak detection provides efficient reliable, operator-independent testing. Have a look at our 5 tips to use robotic leak testing with maximum efficiency. More »

Video Station

Leak Testing Methods part 2: Sniffing

In our series of animations from INFICON about the different leak detection methods the second video explains Sniffer Leak Testing and how and when it should be used. More »