Company News

INFICON offers Powerful Solutions to the Utilities Market

INFICON has released a new, six-page brochure focused on ensuring safety and service quality in Utilities. The brochure highlights the technologically advanced solutions that INFICON offers for each of the main applications gas, water, telecom and power. More »

Product Application Story

Testing the Testers – Reducing Downtime on the Production Line

Products designed to be leak-proof need testing during or after manufacture to ensure tightness. However, the test equipment used to check for leaks, with pressure difference or tracer gas, also needs to be free from leaks. Read this article to find out how to reliably locate leaks on your test equipment. More »

Tips & Tricks

How to Avoid Mistakes When Choosing the Proper Pressure Regulator

When setting up your tracer gas leak detection station, always ensure that tracer gas is properly supplied. The wrong type of regulator can, for example, result in missed leaks or malfunctioning test equipment. More »