How to Handle Tracer Gas for Leak Testing the Best Way

Leak testing is a very important process for quality control of parts. If you invest in the equipment and the time for leak testing, you should also strive for the highest reliability of your leak test results.

Maintaining limited background levels of tracer gas in the test environment is, for example, crucial for gaining reliable results. Trying to find small leaks in a contaminated test environment is like trying to hear the slightest whisper while listening to high volume rock music.

Interested in learning more? Watch our leak detection experts explain the essentials of dealing with test gas in our "Not finding all relevant leaks? The essentials of tracer gas handling" webinar recording.  

The webinar highlights the following aspects:

  • Test gas distribution in the test object and possible air inclusions
  • Test gas concentration and dilution
  • Handling of coarse leaks
  • Prevention of test gas contamination

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