Product Application Story

Leak Testing of Electronics Housing Boxes

Electronics housing boxes cannot be both reliably and time-effectively tested for leaks using conventional methods such as soaping and Delta P (pressure drop) methods. Use of soft/flexible materials and wasted time to clean up and dry the boxes are just a few of the inconveniences that occur with conventional methods and can be avoided by changing to tracer gas leak testing. More »

Company News

INFICON Leak Detectors Cover a Multitude of Needs in the HVACR industry

INFICON has released a new, six-page brochure focused on leak detection solutions in the HVACR industry. The brochure highlights the multitude of parts that can be reliably leak tested using INFICON leak detectors in the manufacturing of heating and ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) systems, components and subassemblies. More »

Tips & Tricks

Nine Good Reasons to Test for Leaks with Tracer Gas

Environmental protection, new materials and technologies, and a constant need to reduce labor costs are some of the factors that influence the choice of the most suitable leak detection method. If you are looking for a reliable leak test method and have not tried leak detection with tracer gas, this short article will provide nine good reasons to move from older, traditional methods to tracer gas leak detection. More »