Company News

INFICON: 50 Years of Advancing Innovation!

INFICON is celebrating its 50TH anniversary as a developer and manufacturer of world-class solutions for productivity, quality and security. Stay tuned on our social media platforms and follow our celebrations worldwide beginning in September! More »

Application News

INFICON Leak Detection Expertise in Food Packaging

The need for innovative, sensitive, faster and more reliable leak testing techniques is constantly increasing in all industries, with food being no exception. Microbial growth, oxidation, moisture or pests can cause products to spoil well before their expiration date. INFICON provides an innovative leak detection solution in order to assure durability and integrity of food packages. More »

Video Station

New Series of Videos from INFICON - Vacuum Chamber Leak Testing Inside-Out

The choice of the best method for industrial leak testing with tracer gas can be cumbersome and pros and cons sometimes difficult to identify. A new series of animations from INFICON give an overview of the different leak detection methods and facilitate the choice. See the first of a new series of videos showing Vacuum Chamber Leak Testing Inside-Out. More »