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INFICON :: LEAK TEST - Best Practices for Leak Detection

1,000th Protec P3000 Shipped

“Luvata was able to make substantial improvements in testing productivity,” explains James McBride, Key Account Manager at INFICON U.S.A. “They chose the Protec P3000, because they wanted to upgrade to next-generation technology in leak detection.” More »

Leak Testing of Hydraulic Applications
As manufacturers are keenly aware, the mechanical components of a hydraulic system must be very stable and able to withstand considerable pressure to avoid a leaking connection, resulting in a sudden loss of hydraulic fluid and rendering a machine inoperable from extensive contamination. Leak testing helps ensure the soundness of a hydraulic system.
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Keep Your Profits From Leaking Away
Application Note: Speed Up Your Leak Testing!
As productivity and quality requirements for manufacturers continue to increase, high performance helium leak detectors become a key element of maintaining production throughput and keeping costs under control - as automated leak detection processes are often a production bottleneck. Production and testing teams must be able to respond to sudden peaks in utilization levels - without additional investment. More »

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Fall 2008
Luvata Grenada Upgrades to Protec P3000
Leak Testing of Hydraulic Applications
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