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Keep Your Profits From Leaking Away
LEAK TEST Now Available in Several Languages
To better serve you, we're now offering LEAK TEST in German, Italian and French. We hope that this addition to our newsletter makes it easier for you to access articles that will enhance your knowledge of leak detection and provide valuable information on how INFICON can help you with your specific application.

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INFICON LDS3000 Component Leak Detector
The INFICON LDS3000 Component Leak Detector has a unique ultra-compact, modular design for easy, cost-effective integration to optimize industrial leak detection systems. More »
Leak Testing Airbag Components
Airbags are an important safety feature in cars to prevent passengers from being injured during accidents. The proper function of the airbag is mandatory for this safety feature to be effective; and reliable and efficient testing of airbag systems is a critical step in the manufacturing process. More »
New Hand Probe for Sensistor Hydrogen Leak Detectors Make Leak Testing Easier
The PK50 Hand Probe replaces the original H50 and H51 hand probes. With improved robustness and ergonomics, it is available in both rigid (PK50) and flexible neck versions (PK50 Flex). More »
Helium vs. Hydrogen
In the previous issue of LEAK TEST newsletter, we announced that INFICON added the Sensistor product line to its portfolio. In this issue, you'll learn which leak detection products are best-suited for your application. More »
Support News
Learn how we've strengthened our support to better address your leak detection requirements. More »

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Spring 2012
Translate: Deutsch Italiano Français
INFICON LDS3000 Component Leak Detector
Leak Testing Airbag Components
New Hand Probe for Sensistor Hydrogen Leak Detectors Make Leak Testing Easier
Helium vs. Hydrogen
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