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INFICON :: LEAK TEST - Best Practices for Leak Detection
In this first issue of "LEAK TEST," INFICON shares its leak detection expertise with the latest technology news, best practice applications, and product enhancements. Your comments and queries are welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yvonne Eckseler

Improving Airbag Leak Testing Delivers Significant Cost Savings
Recently, an industry-leading airbag supplier, looking for performance improvements in their standard leak detectors to reduce the high level of maintenance required for continuous use, integrated a fully-automated INFICON leak detection system into its production line and found tremendous success.
More »

Saving on Helium for Leak Checking Reduces Manufacturing Costs
By diluting helium with dry air to lower the concentration level, you can save gas (and money) and not lose any productivity. Need to know how to use diluted helium on your production line, monitor helium mixtures, efficiently use a helium reclaim system, or minimize losses from leaks in charging equipment and supply lines? Read "How to Save on Helium Costs." View PDF

Who is Switching to CO2
Integrating CO2 as a refrigerant is a hot topic and will also play a key role in addressing the increasing amount of environmental legislation aimed at eliminating the use of fluorocarbon-based cooling systems. Read an industry overview of what’s happening. More »

Keep Your Profits From Leaking Away
Locating Leaks From Far Away
Leak detection in tube joints can be challenging. With 10x the flow of the Protec P3000 helium leak detector, the new Protec P3000XL detects leaks at a much larger distance from the leak, even detecting leaks on the backside of tube joints. View PDF »
Smaller IS Better for Component Leak Testing
Coming soon - the new T-Guard™ helium leak detector - it closes the gap between pressure decay systems and the more costly vacuum chamber systems. More »
Enhanced Helium or Hydrogen Leak Detection
The Ecotec E3000 leak detector can now be calibrated with the PRO-Check Reference leak for added helium or hydrogen detection capabilities. More »
Sniffer Line Extension for HLD5000
The new sniffer line extension for the HLD5000 leak detector is easy to connect and adds an extra 5 m (>16 ft.) range of movement to get to your leak test area. More »

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Summer 2008
Improving Airbag Testing Saves Time and Money
Saving on Helium Costs
Who is Switching to CO2?
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