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How Tight Is Your Welded Joint?

A welded joint must be tight on products that will contain or protect liquids or gases. To ensure that the joint is tight, the product must be leak tested. Traditional testing methods are often not reliable. If you are looking for a dependable leak test method and have not tried leak detection with tracer gas, this short article will provide some reasons to move from older, traditional methods to tracer gas leak detection. More »

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UL3000 Fab Defines Test Standards in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The UL3000 Fab from INFICON is a new helium leak detector for leak testing applications in semiconductor manufacturing. With the INFICON UL3000 Fab, semiconductor process chambers can be quickly and reliably tested for leaks. More »

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Choose Adequate Hoses and Shorten Cycle Times

When setting up your leak detection station, complete with tracer gas handling tools, ensure that tracer gas is filled and evacuated by using adequate hoses. For example, using filling hoses with small diameter can result in unnecessary long cycle times. More »