Application News

New Video! Leak Detection With High-Flow Sniffing Enables Greater Speed and Distance

In industrial sniffer leak testing the speed at which the sniffer probe is moved and its distance from the test object are important factors when setting up an automatic leak detection station. In this new video, see how to catch 100% of the leaks at a significant distance from the part and at high sniffer probe speed. More »

Product News

Introducing INFICON XL3000flex for Flexible Sniffer Leak Detection with Helium or Forming Gas

High gas flow makes this sniffer leak detector ideal even for inexperienced operators. More »

Tips & Tricks

E-book Guide to Leak Testing for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (HVACR) Systems

The newly released INFICON e-book, “Leak Testing for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (HVACR) Systems,” is designed to help manufacturers identify the right method to successfully test systems and components for leaks. The e-book can be downloaded, free of charge. More »

Application News

New Whitepaper "Leak Testing Electric Cars and Their Components"

The market for electric vehicles is growing very rapidly. The introduction of this technology will create new demand for leak testing. A new whitepaper is now available from INFICON summarizing the challenges of leak testing components in electric vehicles and describes the potential solutions. More »