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Application News

Leak Testing of Electric Drive Motors

The market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly. Electric drive motors are typically exposed to water either from the environment or during high pressure water cleaning in car wash stations. More and more motors also use active water cooling for the motor so it may be held at a constant temperature for maximum efficiency.   Learn how to leak test electric drive motors against intake of water and loss of cooling liquid efficiently! More »

Application News

Ingress Protection Class IP67 – Tests Prove Leak Rate Specification - Update

In the last release of this newsletter, we described the verification of leak specifications equivalent to IP protection class 67. Unfortunately, the article contained some fault in the leak rate graphs. Please find the updated version here. More »

Video Station

New Series of Videos from INFICON

The choice of the best method for industrial leak testing with tracer gas can be cumbersome and pros and cons sometimes difficult to identify. A new series of animations from INFICON gives an overview of the different leak detection methods and facilitates the choice. See the first video showing Vacuum Chamber Leak Testing Inside-Out. Also have a look at our new video on Robotic Leak Testing in the Automotive Industry More »

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