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New Series of Videos from INFICON

New Series of Videos Explaining Leak Testing Methods

The choice of the best method for industrial leak testing with tracer gas can be cumbersome and the pros and cons of the different methods can sometimes be difficult to identify. The component, the leak rate level and the need for integral test or point test are a few of the parameters to consider when deciding which leak testing method should be preferable and how leak testing should be performed. Vacuum chamber testing, spraying, sniffing, accumulation and bombing are the leak testing methods INFICON will explain with the help of a new series of videos. Check out the first animation about Vacuum Chamber Leak Testing Inside-Out!

Do you find choosing the most suitable leak testing method complicated? Experts from INFICON can help make the choice easier for you. For more information about the leak testing method most suitable for your specific application contact us at

Robotic leak testing in the automotive industry

A new video on leak testing in the automotive industry illustrates the two basic methods of robotic leak testing – static testing versus dynamic testing – including applications examples from the automotive industry.

Do you want to learn more about robotic leak testing? Download our free whitepaper describing the different ways of testing, what to look for when choosing an appropriate leak detector and some tips and tricks for creating the most efficient robotic leak testing station.