Helium and Hydrogen Leak Detection Systems Assure Quality of Heat Exchangers

Manufacturers in the automotive, refrigeration and air-conditioning industries today rely on helium- and hydrogen-based leak detection systems to assure the overall quality of their heat exchangers.

In the automotive sector, strict new governmental emissions and fuel-economy requirements are driving the need for major HVAC and powertrain improvements which in turn will require stricter leak testing and additional high-quality heat exchangers. The introduction of exhaust gas recirculation, for example, requires an additional EGR cooler. The increased use of turbo chargers to improve gas mileage also calls for more charge-air intercoolers.

In the more general HVAC market a growing need for more efficient heat exchangers also is being fueled by higher energy costs and rising demand for consumer products outside of Europe and North America. A switch from copper to lighter aluminum components that are easier to weld also leads to a potential for additional leaks.

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